Off-Duty Style: Showrider Ariana


Look 1: Cross-body bag, belt, silver necklace, denim vest (Lammle’s)

In 2015 Ariana (then 14 years old) was accepted into the Calgary Show Riders; becoming the youngest member on the highly prestigious team. Two years later, Ariana continues to ride with the Show Riders and participates in different events throughout the year including the Calgary Stampede. We spoke with Ariana to learn more about how style plays a role in the Show Riders:

Grayscale: Describe the Show Riders style for us.

Ariana: Show Riders are required to wear tradition western outfits that include boots and spurs, black Wrangler jeans, white chaps, and a show shirt. They accent their outfits with statement earrings and flowers in their hair.

Look 2: Denim vest (Lammle’s)

Grayscale: How does the Show Riders differ from your personal style?

Ariana: When I’m not representing Show Riders my style is much more toned-down, laid back and feminine.

Look 2: Denim vest, leather cuff (Lammle’s)


Grayscale: So what is your relationship with your horse like?

Ariana: Cookies (her horse) is my super special horse, he was my first horse ever! I got him when I was nine and out of all my horses I have the best bond with him.

Thank you to Lammle’s Western Wear & Tack for partnering with Grayscale to style Ariana for this photo shoot!


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