3 Pieces

People can wear anything to the Stampede, but if you want to make sure that you’re going to fit in at the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, you will need one of three pieces with every outfit.

Item 1: The “Bling Belt”

Black Wilfred romper paired with Steve Madden heels, a Lammles belt, and Hollister jacket

Known as a “Bling Belt” by the authentic year-round cowgirls due to its sparkly appearance, most people have a basic belt in their closet which can double as a “Bling Belt” with the addition of a large western-style buckle. The cheapest of the three classic western pieces, a large belt adds a light touch of Stampede to any outfit.

Belts can be worn to add a waist to an otherwise airy dress, perfect for those 30+ days at the stampede grounds, or at a stampede breakfast.

A belt can also be paired with the otherwise basic outfit of short jean shorts and a bodysuit to add a more western feel, as long as there is a large belt buckle to transition the outfit from everyday wear to Stampede.

For a more classic look, a tucked in button up, jeans, and boots can only be completed with a classic western belt.

Item 2: Boots

Wilfred romper featuring a Espy (@espyexperience) turquoise necklace and Wrangler boots

Although one of the more expensive pieces worn to Stampede, a good pair of cowgirl boots are an incredible investment, especially if you’re one to frequent country bars/clubs like Knoxvilles, Cowboys, or Ranchmans. If you own a good pair of cowgirl boots you won’t need any other footwear during the Stampede; no matter your outfit, it is Stampede acceptable when paired with classic leather boots. Boots can be worn to work, a rodeo, clubs, and most importantly, if you’re actually riding in the rodeo!

A note from the wise: stay away from open-toed shoes when on the stampede grounds, your feet will get sticky and they will turn black with dirt, even more-so if you are planning on going out; because in addition to all that, your toes will be stepped on and it will hurt. There are many advantages to the classic cowboy boot: comfort, authenticity, and best yet, a place to tuck your phone and/or money when dancing; just make sure you wear longer socks to avoid getting blisters, and if you want more security for your money.

Other boots found in your closet can also be repurposed for stampede if you don’t want to go out and buy the classic western ones.

Item 3: Cowboy hat

Wilfred romper, with Steve Madden heels, and a Lammles stiff felt hat with gold trim.

Ah yes, the perfect Stampede piece. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can wear a cowboy hat, and at the Stampede you will see it all, from the cheap foam hats, the more relaxed straw hats, perfect for a day at the beer gardens or an outdoor patio, all the way to a stunning, traditional, stiff felt hat, worn by the real cowboys. If you want to bring your Stampede look to the next level, we definitely recommend the stiffer hats, they hold their shape better, keep the sun or rain off, and have a classic clean look that never goes out of style.




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